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Building your food blog hasn't been what you thought it would be.

You started because you love cooking.

You thought it would be fun to share your recipes with the world.

You knew it could grow into something big -the kind of big with a lot of zeros after it.

And having a flexible lifestyle has always been important to you. quickly learned that building a food blog is way more involved than posting a picture of your dinner plate.

There’s so much to do.

There’s so much to learn.

There’s never enough time…and the time you do have is often spent on the things you like the least.

Work-life balance? What’s that again?

You’re overwhelmed…and your blog isn’t growing the way you want it to…yet.

You know it can be done, but you need help.

I can help.

I'm Peg Wedig.

I'm a life and business mindset coach for food bloggers who want to grow their blog.

I want to be clear.

I am not a food blogger. I was a food blogger for five minutes – just long enough to get one of my recipes on the first page of "The Goog". Then, I decided that I wanted something different.

I am not your mentor.

I’m also not your blogging bestie.

I'm your coach and I’ll tell it to you straight. 

The reason you’re struggling is not because you don’t have the skills.

It’s not your recipes.

It's not the tech.

It’s not your food styling.

It’s not your photography.

It’s not your keywords.

It’s not your writing.

It’s not even your time management.

It’s your brain.

Your brain is working against you, instead of for you.

Here’s where I come in. Brains are my zone of genius.

I help bloggers just like you, get their brain on board.

You see, you have stories.

I hear them all the time.

Stories about you, other people, blogging, business building and your life.

These stories are getting in the way of your business growth.

I help you see your stories.

Then, I help you change your stories.

Changing your stories creates a Recipe for Success!

When we work together, we’ll use my Recipe for Success framework to help you:

  •         Prioritize what’s important.
  •         Get more done in less time.
  •         Know yourself better.
  •         Trust yourself more.
  •         Get more of what you want - like traffic and money!

I don’t do cookie cutter coaching.

Recipe for Success personalizes everything for you and your blog so that you get exactly what you need.

When you have your Recipe for Success,

you can have it all:

the blog you want,

the business you want,

and the life you want.


If you’re still reading this,

then you owe it to yourself to see

how Recipe For Success can help you.


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But don't just take my word for it...

Laura Sampson

Little House Big Alaska

I just wanted to say that the goals I set last year with you are coming to fruition. The things we talked through that gave me anxiety are no longer ruling my life because I'm handing them back to their rightful owners, and dealing with my feelings on their own. My monetary dreams are here. I'm paying off my house in a few months. The work schedule we set up is still chugging along with a few tweaks. All in all I just wanted to say how fantastic things have been. Thank you for all your work and what you had me realize.

Tiffany McCauley

The Gracious Pantry

Coaching with Peg was a positive and eye opening experience! She made me see things from a different perspective that impacted not only my business, but my everyday life in wonderful and unexpected ways. Her coaching and insights are stellar. Can't recommend her enough!

Molly Pisula

Vanilla Bean Cuisine

I was lucky enough to work with Peg recently, and recommend her highly as a life and business coach. Peg sifts through the noise to help you find the places where you are stuck, then asks the right questions to help you move through them. I had been spinning my wheels, unable to take the next step as I went back in forth in my head about how to move forward. Peg helped me see what I was doing, and suddenly the path forward became clear. She also helped me identify some limiting beliefs that were holding me back—she is fantastic at turning issues around so that you can look at them from a different angle. So helpful! Last but not least, she is kind and open, and a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Peg!



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